Saturday, February 8, 2014

New "How to Get Published by Magazines & Book Publishers" E-Book Released

How to Get Published by
Magazine and Book Publishers
I'm very pleased to announce the first title in my new "Getting Published" E-Book series has released and is now available!

You will find it exclusively for Kindle at

Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Your computer, tablet, or phone can become a Kindle reader if you download the free app from Amazon. You can find links to do that here: No Kindle? No problem!

If you've been to a writer's conference where I attended or was on faculty, you may have seen my "Help for Writers" series of printed pamphlets. I created that series of five pamphlets back in 2003 and they have proved quite popular at writer's conferences. They sell for $3.95 each.

But while they've been available by ordering from me, getting the word out about them as well as taking and filling orders has been cumbersome. Now I'm re-releasing them as e-books to make them far more easily available to a much wider audience. So if you haven't seen the pamphlets, now is your chance to easily get the same material -- only revised and updated, with bonus content added -- as an e-book.

This first e-book is a revised and updated version of my pamphlet, "The Basics for Beginners: How to Find Markets, Submit your Manuscripts, and Keep Track of it All." I've also added more content from my one-day seminar, "Writing for Publication: How to Find Markets and Submit Your Work." 

This new e-book includes three Bonus Articles not included in the original pamphlet:

  • How to Study the Market
  • Book Manuscript Submissions with the basics for both Fiction and nonfiction book proposals
  • Which Rights Do I Sell When?

Besides creating e-books from each of the five "Help for Writers" pamphlets, I'm also developing additional e-books from workshops I've taught, articles I've written, columns from my former newsletter for writers, and blog posts from my "Butts About Writing" blog at

Topics from the "Help for Writers" pamphlets include how to write query letters and how to re-sell your magazine articles as reprints.

Topics from workshops will include my popular "10 Tools for Marketing Your Book," getting more articles out the door as a freelance writer, beginning screenwriting, how to shape your story to make a great screenplay, and more.

I hope these topics interest you! Whenever I have a new e-book ready to go, I'll announce it here. So please stop back by often. Or follow me on Twitter to catch announcements. Find me at @DianneEButts and @BAboutWriting.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to write to get published in magazines or wanted to write a book and get it published, this first e-book will tell you what you need to know to get started. Please let your wanna-be writer friends know! And be one of the first to get it by getting your own copy now!

If you find this e-book valuable, please leave a comment below to let us know. And if possible, please leave a review or rating on Amazon so others will know you found it worthwhile and helpful. Thank you so very much.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on getting your advice out to a wider audience, Dianne. It is wonderful that a writer of your experience is willing to share the knowledge you have gained with others who are seeking an opening in what can be a very difficult field.
Ava Betz