Monday, July 20, 2015

Seen the Planned Parenthood Video? Now Watch My Short Film: The Choice

I'm still thinking about all the people haunted by the revelation what of Planned Parenthood is doing and the recent video that surfaced. In my previous post we recognized that video about Planned Parenthood must be bringing up some awful feelings and memories for some.

We also talked about the love God has for you, even if you are one of the millions who has lost a child to abortion. (Tweet that!)

That was the very topic of the short movie I co-produced with my husband a few years ago.

You can watch our short film on YouTube. It runs only 10 minutes.

It is based on Chris Jackman's true story told in my book Deliver Me. The story is also titled "The Choice," page 74.

Thanks to my film crew, we also have a 2-minute trailer for our film. Here are both, the trailer first, then the film:


2nd #PlannedParenthood #video today. Were u a client? Haunted? Here's #Mercy&Love. (Tweet that!)

#PlannedParenthood Lost a child to #abortion? Find relief, love, and forgiveness from #God. (Tweet that!)

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