Monday, July 13, 2015

Writers: Have You Discovered My Blog Just For You?

Dianne contributed to all these
books and more not pictured.
Are you a writer? Or would you like to be a writer?

If you haven't discovered it yet, I write a monthly column for writers at

This is a photo of just some of the twenty books I've contributed to. I've also written 400+ articles for print magazines and online sites, six books of my own, and screenplays. I share from my experiences to help other writers on their journey in publication. (Tweet that!)

Topics we've covered include 25 ways to market your books, using Twitter to market your books, one-sentences to help you focus your articles (or book chapters), dealing with disappointment, how you might see your writing project on the silver screen, and oh so much more.

You can find a list of all the contents on this blog here:

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If you know any writers, please let me know about my Dianne E. Butts About Writing Blog. It has a wealth of helps and information for writers, authors, and screenwriters.

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