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Deliver Me:
Hope, Help, & Healing through
True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy

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Have you been involved in an unplanned pregnancy -- whether now or in your past? In Deliver Me: Hope, Help, and Healing through True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy you'll meet many individuals -- both women and men -- who have been there too. Learn what they did, what they experienced, how they felt. Walk through their heartaches. Watch them discover their healing.

"...inspiring...   Uplifting.   Healing..."

No matter where you've been or what decisions you've made, you'll find people here who understand. And they've found surprising grace, love, and hope.

"It's time to discover your healing."
  • More than 50 intriguing true stories
  • Facts and statistics about unplanned pregnancy
  • Practical help
  • Valuable resources

Chapter 1: Who Faces Unplanned Pregnancy?

Through two stories—one from a woman at the younger end of the child-bearing age, the other from the older end—see that those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy are unique and diverse.

Chapter 2: What About Her Family?

Through these four stories witness how an unplanned pregnancy affects whole families, including the angry parents of a teenaged couple, a young woman shunned by her family, and the grandparents of pregnant teenagers.

Chapter 3: When a Woman Considers Abortion

Four stories show women struggling to make their choices about their pregnancies.

Chapter 4: Learning from Those Who Have Experienced Abortion

Ten women share why they chose abortion, how it affected them and their lives, and how they found the healing that they longed for.

Chapter 5: For, By, and About Men

In these six stories, men share how an unplanned pregnancy impacted them, what they did, how they influenced the women in their lives, how their choices affected them in the long-term, and how and where they found the help or the healing that they needed.

Chapter 6: Helping Her Keep Her Child

Through six stories we’ll meet people and places that help women in need who do not want to choose abortion but rather want to bear and raise their children.

Chapter 7: When a Woman Gives Her Child for Adoption

Meet six women who made the incredibly difficult but loving choice to place their child for adoption to a home that could offer what they could not. Learn how the decision impacted them, how they lived with their decision, and whether they ever saw their child again.

Chapter 8: Who Are These People Who Help Women Find Options?

In these nine stories you’ll meet a cross-section of the people who come alongside to help those in an unplanned pregnancy. Why are they so willing to help? How did they come to be in this work?

Chapter 9: Reaching Out, Helping People, and Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

Through these seven stories meet some of the people who help others heal from past pregnancy-related issues and get a glimpse of who is working to prevent unplanned pregnancy and how.


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