Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Practicing Patience - Update on Deliver Me book

The typesetting has been a much bigger task than I anticipated and has taken much longer than I thought it would. We are inching along on that and getting close to the finish line.

Also, you've seen the front cover of the book. (See the previous post.) But we still needed to design the back cover and the spine. That, too, is being done and is nearly finished.

As you know, I was hoping to have the book by the end of 2010. Doesn't it often seem that with everything important that we anticipate with great excitement, there comes a point when it feels like all the universe is against us, trying to stop us, trying to discourage us, tempting us to quit?

We can give up. Or persevere. I vote persevere!

We're nearly there and, again, I'm hoping to have the book available soon.

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