Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 4 Author of Prophecy book Event at The Lighthouse in La Junta, Colorado

It's not yet Halloween, so dare I mention Christmas? I know how we dislike Christmas coming earlier and earlier each year to stores and retailers. However if you are in leadership -- whether in a church, a Bible study, or simply your family -- and need to think ahead to figure out how to make Christmas special, and how to keep Christ in Christmas, then now is the perfect time to discover a book that will do just that. That's because you'll have time to read it early and determine if it's the right book for a pre-Christmas Bible study with friends or a daily family devotion throughout the Advent season to keep you centered on Christ.

I will be at The Lighthouse in La Junta, Colorado, tomorrow (Friday, October 4, 2013) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm featuring my Christmas book, Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus.

Prophecies Filfilled in the Birth of Jesus book offers 35 real life prophecies given in advanced then fulfille in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.
Featured book at this Author Event
Each of the 35 short chapter addresses a prophecy that was fulfilled in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. In each chapter you'll find where in the Bible the prophecy was first written or spoken. You'll also discover when the prophecy was given, including the date if possible, then who spoke it, and the context of the prophecy.
Each prophecy is then matched with the record of where in the Bible, when, and how that prophecy was fulfilled in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.
Here's how the book is organized:

At the beginning of each chapter you'll find:
  • a Key Verse for the chapter that highlights the prophecy.
  • Facts about that prophecy: including where it is found, who wrote or spoke it, the date if possible, and the context it was written or spoken in, meaning what was happening at the time this was written and why was it written?
  • Bible reading telling you where to go in your own Bible to read the verses we’re talking about in this chapter.

The body of each chapter discusses what I’ve discovered and learned about that prophecy.
At the end of every chapter you'll find:
  • Three or more discussion questions to help you or your group apply it to their lives.
  • Final Thought.
  • A suggested prayer.
  • And For more, read – additional Bible verses on related topics for further, optional study.

Travel back in time and rediscover the prophecies fulfilled in the birth of Jesus. Your future Christmases will never be the same.


Our prayers are with the Dale and Susie Muth family at this time. Praying for Dale's recovery from his serious injuries. Praying for their children and family and friends.

Susie was the children's leader at Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF) in La Junta, Colorado, for many years. I met her when we were in the leaders' group together. I have to smile as I try to imagine all the little lives she impacted during those years as she taught so many little ones about Jesus. Surely heaven will be different because of her dedicated work through BSF. And we will miss her here.

Should the funeral for Susie Muth take place on Friday October 4 (which at the time of this writing it appears it will not), please know we will close The Lighthouse store and the Author Event to attend those services. Thank you for your understanding.

The Lighthouse Christian bookstore
215 Colorado Avenue
La Junta, Colorado 81050

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