Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For Father's Day, Help Him Find Deliverance from His Past with Deliver Me

Deliver Me
Hope, Help, & Healing through
True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy
Have you ever considered how fathers might be affected by an unplanned pregnancy? The Deliver Me book has. And for this Father's Day, the Deliver Me book (Kindle* version) is going on special, so here's you're chance to get it at a special price or give it as a gift!

So often pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy is viewed or designated as a women's issue. It's not. Women wouldn't be there without a man.

And for those who think men are unaffected by an unplanned pregnancy, think again.

The book, Deliver Me, has an entire chapter written by men just for men. Chapter 5 contains six stories from men who had the courage to speak out and share what they went through when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

For some, the pregnancy ended in abortion. Some of these men pushed for that end. Read what they went through, how they feel about it now, and what (if anything) they'd do differently. Experience their journeys. See their changes of hearts and attitudes. Witness their triumphs. You'll be changed too.

Learn more about the book on the Deliver Me site here.

Discover what's in each chapter through Deliver Me's Table of Contents here.

If you're in ministry, learn how to minister to men.

Or if you're that guy, it's time to quit pushing it away -- no matter how many years ago it was. It won't every go away, in case you haven't noticed. Until you deal with it. It's time to find your healing. It's time to be forgiven...or to forgive. It's time.

This Father's Day, give yourself...or the man in your life...the gift he may have needed for a long, long time: finding his own deliverance from the past. Help him get delivered. Help him discover Deliver Me.

Order it from your favorite store. Or get it from Amazon. Because I want anyone who needs this book to be able to get it, I've put the Kindle version* on countdown special from Thursday June 12, 2014, through Father's Day on Sunday, June 15, 2014. Click here to see what the price is right now: Deliver Me on Kindle Countdown! 

Find Deliver Me here:

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