Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updated Count on Contributors

Last Friday I heard from a writer I hadn't been able to contact! Hurray! (I found a newer e-mail address for her.)

Yesterday I was able to contact by phone one more writer that I hadn't heard from! Hurray!

Plus, I received another Publishing Agreement yesterday in the mail. Another Hurray!

Updated count:

Contributors: 43

(Wondering why the change? I had previously counted "families" instead of contributors. I have 41 families, but two contributed two stories, one from the wife, one from the husband. So add two for a total of 43 contributors.)

Publishing Agreements received from: 22 (Whoo-hoo!)

Haven't received Publishing Agreements from: 18 (Many are supposed to be sending me theirs. I'm waiting... )

So far can't locate: 3 (Still trying. I sent a letter to the last known address of one yesterday. May have leads on the other two.)

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