Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Table at Walk for Life fundraiser

Whoo-hoo! It was kind of spur of the moment--only made arrangements last Thursday to have a book table at the local Walk for Life today. Wasn't sure I wanted to work yet another Saturday. But as it turns out, I'm so glad I went!

Some of my friends prayed I'd sell out of books. Those prayers were answered -- sort of! I did sell more books than I had, but I still came home with some.

I took 24 books. I sold 9. But then the very last person to visit my table wanted a whole case! She wants everyone in her Personhood organization to have one. The book comes in cases of 38 -- more than I had! So she wrote me a check and I'll order the case and have it shipped directly to her from the publisher. Cool, huh?!

I also sold a copy of Dear America!

I have a standing offer to pregnancy centers and organizations: they can have the book for half off the cover price (to sell for fundraisers, a premium to give for donations, a gift for staff members, to show donors what their dollars are accomplishing, etc.) So I will be donating half the cover price ($7.50) of those nine books to the pregnancy center that held the Walk for Life. (Not for the case because the organization that ordered the case is getting them for half off, plus shipping.)

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