Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dianne's first book, Dear America, featured on ACEWriters for 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001

This week ACE Writers Spotlight has its spotlight on my first book, Dear America: A Letter of Comfort & Hope to a Grieving Nation. I wrote this book in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, and it is being reintroduced for the 10th anniversary of that historic day coming in a few months.

In this small book I shared my story along with:
  • ten tips for getting through the grief following the loss of a loved one,
  • answers to questions including "Who are the Muslims?" and "Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?",
  • a fascinating retelling of the story of the Bible like a five-act play,
  • and ten practical tips to help beginners in how to start reading and understanding the Bible.
You can learn more about the book in the article on ACE Writers Spotlight. Click the link above or go to, click on "Blog." See post for May 28, 2011.

This book is available on here: Dear America
Signed copy available from me directly: contact me at dbwrites @
Coming soon to

Have a wonderful, relaxing, safe, and meaningful Memorial Day weekend. May God continue to bless America. My heartfelt gratitude to those veterans who have protected America so I may live free in the land I love and serve the God I love.

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