Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Met Deliver Me contributors in person

One of the really cool things about attending writers conferences is that sometimes you get to meet people that you've worked with only through e-mail or phone previously.

I've met Shirley Reynolds at the Colorado conference and got to hug her neck before. It was wonderful to see her again (although I feel like we hardly got to talk at all this time). Shirley, did I even hug your neck? Shirley has a wonderfully powerful story about adoption in chapter 7 of Deliver Me. Her story is titled "The Life Savers."

Also this year at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference I got to meet Kyleen Stevenson-Braxton. Kyleen and I have e-mailed, of course, during the making of the book, and we've talked by phone once or twice, but this is the first time we've laid eyes on each other. It was so cool to meet Kyleen. Her powerful story is titled "Sing, O Barren Woman" and appears in chapter 4.

It is always such a cool blessing to meet the writers who have so blessed me over the years. God bless you and your writing, Shirley and Kyleen!

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