Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finished Principal Photography - 168 Film Project

Yesterday morning our early shoot went really well. Lots of actors and extras to direct, but we got the job done and the film we got is very good based on what I've seen so far. We finished pretty much on time, I think. (Forgot to look at the clock!) We let almost everyone go and finished shooting the last scene at 20 minutes after 9:00 when the store opened. But the Christian bookstore owner, which was our location for the shoot, said the store doesn't get busy right away so it would probably be okay if we ran over a little on time. So I think it was good.

Had a few hours break before we could get into the last location, but when we did we got the job done. Again, I forgot to look a the clock! I'll have to ask someone, but I think we finished on time and let our actors go.

The last scene that we shot was pretty amazing with the actress walking down the hallway into growing darkness -- which was great both visually and symbolically considering the context.

We got home and started post production right away until late. Will continue post production today. The editor has lots to do and so do I--typing up the credits, a few more releases, etc. Better get to it.

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