Tuesday, February 14, 2012

VOTE for Deliver Me! (And ask your friends?)

Voting is still open at the Christian Small Publisher 2012 Book of the Year Award!

The votes are coming in, but I still need your help if Deliver Me is going to win this wonderful award. Would you please Tweet and tell your friends to vote for Deliver Me? There are Share Buttons at the bottom of this post for your convenience.

Here's a short link to the Official Ballot:


Find Deliver Me in the category for Nonfiction - Relationships / Family.

Anyone can read reviews of Deliver Me on it's Amazon page. Here's a short link to that page that you can send out if you wish:


Thank you for your support of Deliver Me. By forwarding this information you are helping get Deliver Me into the hands of those who need God's help and guidance, and perhaps also His compassionate forgiveness. God's love for those who are in, or have in their past, an unplanned pregnancy clearly shines through the true stories in Deliver Me.

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