Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a milestone! We're There!

The last time I posted, on Wednesday the 15th, I needed four Publishing Agreements. One was from a writer who had already contributed a story and she sent me another one after she signed her PA for the first. I liked the story and wanted to use it, but hadn't heard from her. I gave her a call on Thursday and she faxed it to me. One down.

I took Friday off, but then worked Saturday morning on the final story that needed finalized. The writer and I talked several times and we finally got her story down on paper. It took several rewrites, but I really like it now. She approved it. She promised to send the PA this week and she faxed it to me yesterday. Two down!

I also needed written permission from a subject in a story I already had a PA for. They said they would mail the permission last Wednesday, but I still hadn't received it by Monday so I called. They had a few questions, but once we addressed those they faxed it to me. Three down!!

On Monday I also called the fourth and final writer that I needed a Publishing Agreement from. Sure glad I called. Turns out she had e-mailed me her story with some changes she wanted, but I never received it. It's lost in cyberspace. She tried again and I got it this time. Meanwhile she put the PA in the mail to me last Saturday. So while I waited for her PA to arrive, I made the requested changes.

I took Tuesday off to attend a funeral. (The second Tuesday in a row I took off for a funeral.)

Yesterday, Wednesday, I waited for the mail, but when it came, the PA still was not there. So today I called her again. She was gracious and printed out the PA again, signed it, and faxed it to me. That's it! Number four!!

(I joked with this final writer that her PA would probably appear in my mailbox today. Nope. She mailed it Saturday. It's Thursday. It's still not here. So glad she faxed it.)

It's a milestone! It's official! I now have all the legal paperwork I need to do this book! Hooray!
What's next? I'll tell you next post. For now... Whoo-hoo! Time to celebrate.

Total Contributors: 40

Publishing Agreements received from: 40

Still need Publishing Agreements from: 0!

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