Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Next...

Now that I have all the paperwork I need to publish the book, what's next? I still have some work to do on the manuscript. While I was waiting for the Publishing Agreements to come in, I went over the entire manuscript. Because I lost a few stories and added some, I had to make some changes to chapter introductions and story introductions. I got that done on Wednesday.

On Thursday, while waiting for that final PA to come in, I went over the bios at the back of the book. I still need a few of those, so I e-mailed the writers. Some have already responded. Hopefully I'll hear from the rest soon.

Then I have two more things to do:

1.) Next I need to check the statistics I've gathered that I want to include in the book. The reports I printed off are a couple years old, due to several delays with this book. So I need to see if there are new statistics out and if so, make those updates.

2.) Finally, I want to include resources at the end of each chapter. I've gathered a bunch of those, but I need to divide them among the chapters and insert them into the manuscript.

I don't believe the rest of this work will take long, but I'm not sure I'll get it done next week. I have a short work week, plus I have a few deadlines before the end of the month that will need my attention. Nevertheless, we're getting excitingly close to finishing this book!

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