Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amazing Stories

I'm not sure I've talked much about the stories I have collected for this book.

The book is almost entirely a collection of true stories of unplanned pregnancy. There is very little commentary from me--just introductions of the chapters and some of the stories. There is so much power in the stories, there isn't much more that I could add.

As I reviewed the entire manuscript, I was reminded again just how special every story is. I absolutely love every story in this book! I can't read a single one without being moved. I hope every story will move every reader as much as they move me.

Many of the stories are from women, of course, but I also have a whole chapter of stories from men. There are stories of how an unplanned pregnancy affected whole families. There are stories about adoption. And we hear from women who chose abortion as well as women who considered abortion then chose to give birth. There are stories of heartbreak and triumph and I believe every story will reach readers with hope and help and healing--whether the reader is in an unplanned pregnancy right now and are facing decisions or had an unplanned pregnancy in their near or distant past.

Every story in the book is amazing in it's own unique way. I'm incredibly grateful to every person who lived these stories and were willing to share them with all of us.

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