Monday, October 4, 2010

Uh oh. Suddenly I have a deadline!

Since I'm nearing the completion of my manuscript, I talked with my editor Friday to see what her schedule looked like. She has an opening when she could edit my book starting Monday, October 18th.

I have to have my manuscript completed and to her by October 18?! Suddenly I have a deadline. Why do I find that so frightening?!

When you self-publish a book, it's up to you when you get it done. I suppose some self-publishers might have deadlines if they need a book by a certain event or opportunity. But up until now, I haven't had to worry about meeting any actual deadlines. Once I decided to self-publish this book, it was just a matter of getting it done as soon as I could while doing the best job I'm capable of.

But now, suddenly, other people are involved and I need to work with their schedules and...I have a real deadline!

I'd better quit blogging and get back to work on finishing my manuscript!

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