Thursday, November 17, 2011

More New Toys on Deliver Me: True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy

A couple more new items to notice on the revamped blog:
  • There are now three links over on the right, at the top. These link to the book's web site, my writer's web site, and the new ad that's running. (Jeepers, I didn't I have a link to the sites before now?! An obvious oversight on my part!)
  • At the bottom of each post there are now share buttons, so you can share every post you like to your Twitter or Facebook account, or e-mail it to a friend. You can also post it as your blog post with a simple click. And you can recommend it on Google. I hope you'll make use of these buttons to share the blog and help spread the word about Deliver Me!
I'm hoping these new "toys" on the blog will help to spread the word about the Deliver Me book so that those who are in an unplanned pregnancy, or have one in their past that they still struggle over, can find this book that's filled with kindness and compassion and true stories that will help them.

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