Monday, November 14, 2011

A new look for Deliver Me: True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy blog

Many readers of this blog follow or receive posts by e-mail, so you probably haven't visited the site for a while. The blog now has a whole new look!

I felt the old look was a little drab and colorless, so I played around and added some color. Of course it's kind of like remodeling a house. Once you start it, one thing leads to another...  I realized the title "Deliver Me" wasn't descriptive enough. If you're not familiar with the book, then that title doesn't tell you what the blog is about. So I wanted to add some to the title also. But the entire title of the book was too much. So now the blog title is "Deliver Me: True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy."

I hope you like the new look. Stop by when you have a chance.


Sue Tornai said...

Dianne, you have done an excellent job! I love the colors! It looks inviting and feminine.

Dianne E. Butts said...

Thank you, Sue. So glad you like it. It's important to me what those of you who contributed to the book think.