Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Guest Blog Post on Christian E-Books

Christian E-books invited me to be their Guest Blogger! You can read my post here:

Rediscovering Christ in the Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus by Me!

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Christian E-Books is an interesting site for e-Reader lovers. You may have noticed they include links to purchase the books on both Kindle and Nook at the bottom of every Guest Post. Find all their Guest Posts on the menu button under "Books by Authors," then the alphabetical listing of the author's name.

They also have a list of FREE e-books on their home page. Here is today's fiction list: Free Fiction eBook List (12.5.12)  Look for the latest list on their home page. They also archive these lists.

If you own and love an e-Reader, you should bookmark this site!

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