Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Contributor...Another Pub Agreement in

I had the privilege yesterday morning of talking with a lady whose story I wanted to include in the book and I'm getting her story! Hooray!

Because I didn't yet have her story, I wasn't counting her as a contributor. So now that I officially have her story (although we're still writing and revising it), I've now added her as a contributor. So if you've been following the countdown, that's why the total contributors has increased by one and also why the number of contributors I still need Publishing Agreements from didn't go down even though I received another one yesterday.

And by the way...I'm  grateful that I did receive another Publishing Agreement yesterday!

So here is today's count:

Total Contributors (Just added one more!): 42

Publishing Agreements received from (Got one more yesterday!): 31

Still need Publishing Agreements from: 11

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