Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Complete Chapter!

You know how it always is when you're trying to build something and it has several different separate parts and it always happens that you're missing one thing for each part so you just can't complete anything? Well that's how this book has been. I've gotten a lot of the Publishing Agreements back. The majority, as a matter of fact. And yet I didn't have one complete chapter yet. In every single chapter I had at least one missing Publishing Agreement.

That is, until Friday! I just realized that the Publishing Agreement that came in on Friday was the final one I needed to complete Chapter 9! Hooray! Hey, it's a milestone. I'm celebrating every milestone that I can find.

If you're wondering, there are nine chapters in the book.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any Publishing Agreements in my mailbox today. But yesterday I did work with a writer on her story until she was satisfied with it, and so that P.A. should be coming soon!

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