Monday, August 23, 2010

Made Contact with the Last Organization Needed

Last Thursday I made contact with the last place I needed to make contact with. I was working with the writer to see if we could get permission from the place her story involves, but she hadn't contacted them yet. Why? Turns out her work hours prevented her from calling them. Ohhh! Duh. Sometimes what's happening with another person is so simple, possibly obvious, and yet we just don't realize...

Well it was easy enough for me to make the call. And the lady at the other end seemed quite excited about having a story about their organization in the book!

What a relief. I've often been met with skepticism and mistrust, which has cause me to become somewhat gun-shy. I'm always so grateful for those who see my vision for this book and become excited about it. What an encouragement!

So...of course she needs to run it by whoever she needs to run it by to see if they will grant permission for the story to be in the book. BUT, at least it's in the works. And that is the last place I needed to make contact with. Another milestone!

Have a little ways to go yet, but we're getting there.

Still need Publishing Agreements from: 7

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