Sunday, March 18, 2012

168 Film Project -- See movie trailer for "The Choice" now!

If you were reading this blog back in February, you know I participated this year in the 168 Film Project for the second time. I'm very pleased with the film we produced this year!

We can't show you our film until after it premieres at the 168 Film Festival which March 30 - 31 in the Los Angeles area.

Unfortunately our film was not nominated for any awards. However it will still be shown at the 168 Film Festival. We are Team 22 and our film is titled The Choice.

However, we can show your the movie trailer! We just got our trailer produced and uploaded a few days ago. You can see it on my YouTube channel and on my Vimeo page. Here are the links.

The Choice movie trailer:



Please "Like" it, leave a comment, and/or send a link to your Facebook, Twitter, and friends. I hope you enjoy seeing the movie trailer for The Choice.

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