Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding God Daily: In Prison after a Deadly DUI

My latest article on Finding God Daily posted March 21, 2012. Read it here: Find God in Prison after a Deadly DUI This is the story of a man who caused a DUI crash, killed someone, and went to prison for it. But through that experience, he found God.

What if you're on the other side of that story? Have you lost someone in a deadly DUI-caused crash? I have. Did you know I wrote about that in my first book, Dear America?

While you can still get Dear America in print, for its anniversary edition it is now available on Kindle.

Don't have a Kindle? You can make your laptop a Kindle for free.

Amazon Prime customers can get Dear America from Amazon's Lending Library and read it for free.

What's in Dear America?

In Dear America, one chapter presents the Gospel in five Acts, which I wrote about in my last Finding God Daily post about the Structure of Great Stories. (Or see yesterday's post directly below.)

Dear America has another chapter that gives readers "Ten Things I've Learned While Sifting through Grief." You can read that part through Amazon's "Look Inside the Book" program.

And one more thing. I'm going to be writing about those "Then Things I've Learned" about grief on a new blog called "Thinking About Suicide." This blog launched yesterday. It's brought to you by the same folks that do Finding God Daily. Please stop by and leave a comment.

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