Monday, December 2, 2013

"A Ruby Christmas" - Chapter 1 by J. A. Marx

A Ruby Christmas


Today's featured author is J.A. Marx.

J.A. introduces our story, A Ruby Christmas, in Chapter 1, which takes place in Texas. J.A. was the primary brainstorm-er of the story.

Want to know more about J.A.? Here you go:

J.A. is the author of Destiny Defied (WIP 2013).

You can find Destiny Defied on Amazon.

And J.A. blogs at Embattled Spirit.

Please tune in tomorrow when I will be guest posting on J.A.'s Embattled Spirit blog.

Read J.A. Marx's chapter of A Ruby Christmas here:

View the Altered Photo on J.A. Marx's blog.

Compare to the photo here and write down the difference: A Ruby Christmas Pinterest Photo Contest

More to read about A Ruby Christmas:

Wishing you A Ruby Christmas

Please stop back by here tomorrow to meet when I will be the featured author. (I can't wait!)

You'll find a link to my chapter. Plus you'll also find links to blogs where I'll be the featured guest tomorrow. I'll be sharing some of my story behind the story A Ruby Christmas. I think you'll be interested in how this story project has affected me in ways I never saw coming, and the ways in which Ruby's story parallels my own life.


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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Last year's collaborative novel:

J.A. also took part in the collaborative novel from Christmas 2012 from Write Integrity Press, A Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt.



Wishing you A Ruby Christmas: Read Chapter 1 now! @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP Click to Tweet

Just released! Chapter 1: A Ruby Christmas. Check it out now!  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP  Click to Tweet

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