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"A Ruby Christmas" - Chapter 6 by Jennifer Fromke

The hunt sets off
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Today's featured author is Jennifer Fromke.

Jennifer took Ruby and Yippee across the pond to London! 

Jennifer is the author of A Familiar Shore, which is receiving wonderful reviews.

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Read Jennifer's chapter of A Ruby Christmas

We're off to the hunt! But don't worry, all foxes, horses, people, and dogs (including Yippee Ti Yi Yo remain safe).

A Ruby Christmas: chapter 6

View the Altered Photo on Jennifer Fromke's site.

Compare to the photo her and write down the different: A Ruby Christmas Pinterest Photo Contest

More about A Ruby Christmas:

Last year's collaborative novel:

Jennifer also took part in the collaborative novel from Christmas 2012 from Write Integrity Press, A Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt.

A Ruby Christmas

Wishing you A Ruby Christmas

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


Wishing you A Ruby Christmas: Read Chapter 6 now!  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP     Click to Tweet

Released today! Chapter 6: A Ruby Christmas. Check it out now! @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP  Click to Tweet

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Jennifer Fromke said...

Thanks so much, Dianne!

Dianne E. Butts said...

You're welcome, Jennifer. It's been fun!