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"A Ruby Christmas" - Chapter 7 by Marji Laine

Today's featured author is Marji Laine.

In Chapter 7, Marji takes Ruby and Yippee to the city of lights, Paris, France!

Marji is a homeschooling mom of 4. With decades of leading worship, directing and performing in theatre productions, and script-writing, Marji took the plunge to creating scintillating Christian romance and romantic suspense novels with a side of Texas sassy. She invites readers to unravel their inspiration, seeking a deeper knowledge of the Lord’s Great Mystery that invites us all.

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A Ruby Christmas: chapter 7

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We've Received A Note from Ruby!

Ruby's Dad, Jake Buckner, has received a letter from Ruby Joy that he wanted to share with us. Thanks Jake! Here's what Ruby had to say:

Dear Daddy,

Well, here I am in Paris, the City of Light. I’ve heard folks talk about this place lots, but I’m thinking it just takes experiencing it to actually wrap my brain around it. Wall to wall buildings, cars, people. The buildings and their architecture scream history at me. I could walk around this place for days and never get tired of it. The cars, I could do without. Noisy little things and thicker than ants on a Hershey bar.

A Ruby Christmas
The people are okay. Funny how this is the city of light, but I don’t usually see much of a spark in the eyes of the people here. But they’ve been mostly looking at my clothes and not meeting me in the eye, anyway.

Momma’s college roommate has a really sweet daughter, but I don’t know if the Blue-Hair salon would go over in our town with the same popularity it has here. ‘Course it sounds much fancier in French. Coiffure de Bleu. The say it’s “tres chic.” That means very stylish, not three chicken’s! I know how you think, Daddy.

Anyway. I took a walk around the neighborhood a bit ago. You wouldn’t believe the number of folks out here. Bigger population on just the streets I walked than in our whole county back home. I even found a huge dog park. Yes, Yip made friends. He always makes friends. Me? Not so much.

I had to think about this hair-cutting business you sprung on me. What were you thinking? I can’t believe you just set it up without even speaking to me about it. Yippy’s gonna hate it if I go through with your idea. I guess I can see where you’re coming from. And Aimee had some good advice as well. I’m just not sure I’m on board, yet. Not sure I will be, but we’ll see tomorrow.

So give Dutch a hug for me. Oh okay. Just shake his hand. Is that manly enough for you both? Say “hi” to everyone and tell ‘em that I’m learning a lot, but looking forward to getting back home.

Love you, Daddy!
Ruby Joy

Wishing you A Ruby Christmas

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Last year's collaborative novel:

Marji also took part in the collaborative novel from Christmas 2012 from Write Integrity Press, A Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt.


Wishing you A Ruby Christmas: Read Chapter 7 now! http://ow.ly/rb94z  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP   Tweet this!

Released today! Chapter 7: A Ruby Christmas. Check it out now! http://ow.ly/rb94z  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP    Tweet this!

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