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"A Ruby Christmas" - Chapter 3 by Fay Lamb

Photo provided by Fay Lamb

Today's featured author is Fay Lamb.

Fay Lamb takes our girl, Ruby, and her Jack Russell Terrier Yippee Ti Yi Yo, to the Florida sands, sun, and surf of Cocoa Beach!

Fay is the author of several novels and contributed to last year's collaborative novel, A Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt.

Fay loves to meet up with new friends on social networks.

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A Ruby Christmas: chapter 3

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More about today's chapter of A Ruby Christmas:

Ruby sent us a note today!

Here's what Ruby had to say:

Well, I really am glad that Ms. Dianne has allowed me to write to y’all today. When she gave me the invite to share about my journeys, which you can read about in A Ruby Christmas, I was just bursting with stories to tell.

Like my trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida. Yeah, Florida in the winter. Lots of people do it. Not Texans, not really. Parts of Texas have the same climate as Florida: hot, horrible and humid. I reckoned I was about to spend some time with some retired couple my daddy knew. After all, Florida is the retirement capital of the world. That’s what they tell me.
Boy was I pleasantly surprised when Ms. Gina Swain—I mean Alward, that’s her name now—picked me up at the airport with her new husband. Then my happiness turned to dread as I remembered that terrible Jonathan Swain—her only son. He used to pick on me something fierce when we were little, and I wasn’t too thrilled about seeing him.
That is, until I saw him. Boy, howdy, the brat had grown up.
In more ways than one.
You see, Jonathan taught me something. I watched that cowboy surf on them waves in Cocoa Beach. I never knew two-feet and glassy could provide so many chances for flips and turns. I guess there’s a reason Kelly Slater is so good at what he does.
But I’m on a rabbit trail. This isn’t about what Jonathan did while riding the waves, but about the time that he sat on his board out in the middle of the ocean. Sometimes he’d look to heaven. Other times, he kept his head bowed. When it was all said and done, Jonathan told me that the ocean is his thinkin’ and prayin’ place. He said he got in the habit of it while in Texas in the middle of the vast pasture. He never said, but I got to thinking about this myself. When you’re just a small speck in a large place, you realize that God doesn’t see you as a speck. No, sir. God is so close to you that He can count the number of hairs on your head. He can make sense of the feelings inside of you that even you don’t understand.
Jonathan taught me that on my journey around this vast globe, no matter where I go, I’m never alone.
God is with me.
A Ruby Christmas

Wishing you A Ruby Christmas

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Wishing you A Ruby Christmas: Read Chapter 3 now!  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP    Tweet this

Just released! Chapter 3: A Ruby Christmas. Check it out now!  @DianneEButts #ARubyChristmas #PNP #WIP    Tweet this

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